Are you looking for reception desk solutions that are designed to enhance corporate appeal for your business on a budget? You may find a wide variety of them up for sale online, but a few of them only can meet your requirements, whether it is quality, design, or price.


So for them, we can refer to a wide selection of well-designed, exquisite reception desks that can make your guests feel welcomed into a space with warmth and sophistication. There is no doubt that a reception table should be attractive and comfortable and fit best in an open floor plan.


There are certainly many in the market, for all sorts of purposes and for all ranges of budgets. Reception desks are mostly a piece of furniture which will endure heavy traffic during its life-time, so you are advised to not go for the weakest. Especially if your business is not a simple office, you should buy a reception desk specially developed to be a reception desk. Currently, there are multiple types, brands and styles of reception desk on the market. If you don't know where to start, you may check them out here.


To help you out in your search for a durable reception table, two elegant yet comfortable and durable reception tables are being brought before you.


Zelda 26R001 Modern Reception Desk:


Product Specifications:

  • Executive Modern Reception Desk Set
  • Dimensions: W180cms x D71cms x H106cms
  • Reception desk with elegant front design; countertop finished with superior walnut melamine
  • Includes 2 x 3 drawer fixed storage unit and countertop
  • Color: Canaletto - White combination

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    Harrera R06-14 Modern Reception Desk White

  • Product Specifications:
  • Modern Reception Desk Set
  • Dimensions: W140cms x D80cms x H103cms
  • Modern reception desk with inward front panel; finished with high quality melamine
  • Includes 3 drawer mobile storage unit and glass countertop supported on chrome supports
  • Color: White

    Many more elegant, high quality and affordable reception desks are available for sale online in Dubai. All of their reception desks have those design perspectives that ensure warmth and sophistication for guests to an office. Lastly, when you plan to buy a reception table in Dubai, make sure to not concentrate only on their prices, but do focus on the make and quality of their material, ergonomic design and aestheticism with corporate appeal. It is because you are going to place it in your reception to welcome your guests after all. And, that the reception is the first place where guests guess about an office and create an impression.