The reception area of an office creates the first impression on your clients and visitors about your business. So, the reception area needs to look both functional and modish. Besides designing with practicality in mind, space must have proper furnishing to ensure comfort and mobility.


When we are talking about buying a reception desk, it should be kept in mind that the entrance should be welcoming. A reception desk is the first thing a visitor sees when they walk into your office. It must be inviting, stylish and well-designed. We all know the first impression is the last. So, if you don’t have much space in your reception area, you can select a small desk to make the area look perfect. However, if there is no space crunch, you can create a modular reception unit in any shape using a desk starter unit.


Keeping all these factors in mind, Mahmayi Office Furniture brings you practicable and sophisticated reception furnishing including office reception desk in UAE. You can select after exploring the plethora of designs the suitable options for your office. You can get ergonomic designs that support your back while offering a modish aesthetic look with high quality.


Some of the guidelines provided in the following section of the blog will help you make the right choice:


Style and Tone


The aesthetic of the furniture used in a reception area needs to provide continuity as per the type of business. For instance, conventional furnishing will not be suitable for a tech start-up company. Instead of outdated styles, buy a modern designed reception desk for the reception area of your office.




The reception desk should be assembled pleasantly to avoid inconvenience for the foot traffic. Enough space should be there for the waiting area, but at the same time, it should give enough room for the receptionist to work comfortably.




Reception furnishing has to be perfect for providing both comfort and convenience to the employee. The desk should neither be too low nor too high. Quality furniture should be used in reception areas to ensure better work experience.


When you are looking for a suitable reception desk in UAE, you can rely on Mahmayi Office Furniture for quality, feasibility, and aesthetics.