Every office needs a conference table. These tables are considered as a hub for bright, new ideas and a space to facilitate a meeting of the minds. It is often said that some of the best ideas happen to beget around a conference table.


However, buying a conference table is no small task. A lot of factors need to be considered before choosing the right conference or meeting table for your office.


Let’s check out these four factors that can aid you in making a right decision to buy a conference table.


The Shape:


The meeting or conference tables tend to come in three different shapes, which are round, rectangular and boat shaped. Round shaped conference tables are an ideal choice for collaborative meetings. Rectangular tables are well fit for one or two people in a meeting. Boat shaped conference tables are unique, thanks to their ability to provide rounded edges and at the same time, provide plenty of room for each person to fit laptops, notebooks, and other meeting essentials on the table.


The Size:


It may sound like a pretty obvious feature to consider. Size matters because a choice of a perfect size conference table ensures all guests are seated comfortably, with ample space to work at and also a good clearance space around the table so guests can go to and exit their seats without bumping the others.


The Flexibility:


If you have one conference room and that you use for several different purposes, a standard conference table may not be a perfect fit. Modular conference tables need to be considered, because that can create individual work stations for workshops, put together to create a large conventional conference table or situation to create a more circular design. These modular conference tables are foldable and put away when not in use.


The Finish:


These meeting or conference tables are used to host conversations between employees and guests, clients or prospective employees. When you want to buy a conference table, check out if the tables have a durable finish. A neat presentation is a-must when meeting with others. You also need to remember that you might have people writing with pen and paper on the surface. Considering that, you may go for those tables which have wood surfaces that work best for businesses of their ability to choose from multiple finishes and different types of wood.


Bottom Line: Buying Conference Table is challenging


Selecting the right conference table that comes with essential features to meet your requirements and creates sustainable and aesthetic impacts on your office surroundings is a real job. Do follow the above factors before you buy a conference table.


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